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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey my Sis got new runners and they are pink and she is proud. So proud that she wanted to wear them to the Fringe on Wednesday night. They matched her dress and purse and they are comfortable.

Take a look at that glass of wine strategically placed!!!!!

Look at Brent's face

Her Hubby was not keen on her idea of wearing them to the Fringe hence..........

trying to pull them off (just kidding). And so was she.

Enjoy your pink runners sis.

Love ya

Up The Creak

So John's last performance for this years Fringe is tonight Saturday July 25, 2009. Thank you everyone who came to see it. I thought the play was good although the retirement home had way too many prison like rules. It was funny though, the cast new their lines or if they didn't they covered it well and played their characters well. For me, it was a bit of a damper knowing a lot of John's lines, so when he missed one well I new. But I did not know the ending until I saw it which was good. In the pictures you can see the list of rules for the inmates.... no no I mean residence to adhere to.

Apparently we are not supposed to take photos during the performance (I saw no sign) hence I took two which I will share with anyone who chooses to look.

John as Richard Pickard Jones (Dickie) on the left and Cory as George Anderson on the right.

Kelly as Esther on the left and John on the right.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My husband has been working very hard along with a group of people in preparation for the Fringe Festival. They are rehearsing for a play called 'Hide and Go Creak', and I must say it sounds pretty funny. So for a good laugh and a little riske night out for just $8 come along and join some old farts to see a great show at the MTC Up The Alley, 174 Market Ave (entrance on John Hirsch Pl). They will be performing:

Thursday July 16, at 10:30 pm
Saturday July 18th 5:45 pm
Sunday July 19th 5:00 pm
Monday July 20th 1:45 pm
Wednesday July 22 8:45 pm
Thursday July 23 1:45 pm
Saturday July 25th 7:00 pm

Tell all your friends and come join us.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We live in a time where there is so many avenues and choices to make. Take a look at some of the things in the past we get to choose from.

What if we, as a world wide community made moral choices, ones which consider our neighbors prior to any action we take. 'All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action' James Russell Lowell

There are certain historical periods, attitudes, and items I wish always to exist, but I do appreciate where we are today. No matter what choices we make we live in a country of freedom, therefore we won't be beheaded or flogged if we wear some odd looking clothes or behave in a manner not becoming. We may be looked upon in a negative way but we won't be arrested.

Although sometimes I think we may be too complacent or afraid to speak out to those behaving badly.

If I had the room I would have a wardrobe of eclectic items.

Vintage clothes from 20's to the 60's.

But I also love things new. I love that in this day and age I can wear any style of clothes I choose. I can dance any kind of style and not be frowned upon. I may be looked upon as a bit barmy but they won't lock me up for it. We have such a variety of music at our fingertips at any moment in time.

I appreciate it when a man opens a door, pays for a meal or a drink or just watches his language in the presence of a female or apologizes if he slips up, or leads the way when going through a dubious environment. I thank all you men, especially my husband, who have and continue to do these things.

I wish more of the Victorian manners still existed and the capability to converse in the elegant English language that would poetically and politely say to our friends and family or even those we do not like, 'hello how are you'... I admire the way women were revered in the periods of time, such as, in the mere acknowledgment that a lady was in the room or in the presence of a gentleman. This still exists with some good men and I thank you and appreciate it.

However it is a relief that women have the opportunity to have a vote and the capability of providing for herself.

Here are some things I love -

England we are returning

Our next trip is in August 2009. We are going back to England glorious England. We will stay for one week in Wales near Prestatyn where we will be close to Shropshire, in my opinion the most pretty county of all. It borders on North Wales which is also breathtaking.

Oh how much fun we will have. We will be staying in a small cottage, well not exactly small...enough to sleep eight. We will be meeting John's son and family there, Darrel, Viet Anh and Amy Anh and we hope Tracy my sister will be coming... oh I wish my whole family could join us. England is so beautiful, my favorite country. We will be doing a lot of walking as this is the best way to travel in England. Wish we could walk the whole thing but time does not allow this and soon old age won't. We will have a pleasant scenic view one with sheep and green fields. It should be very relaxing going for walks to the country pubs and having lunches and picnics and walks on the beach. The places and people we will see it's very exciting.

I would like to visit Whitechurch the place my husband grew up - George Street. Such a delightful village and for us a slew full of family history. John was born in Shrewsbury, another wonderful place to see.



Then there are all the walks and things I want to show my sister. One of the prettiest and interesting areas I have visited was Ironbridge.

And then there will be places I have not even seen yet such as this beautiful spot in Wales. Oh we will have a great time.

The second week we will be going to a Butlins resort in Minehead, Somerset. I have never been to this place so everything we see and find here will be a new adventure - I am excited.
Butlins is a resort that caters mainly to children but has adult entertainment as well. Our accomodation will include breakfast and dinner. I hope Amy enjoys it here.

Butlins Entertainment

check out the link to BUTLINS

Monday, June 8, 2009

Vietnam 2008

In 2008 John (my husband) and I traveled to Hanoi Vietnam. The flight and stopovers took about 24 hours which was exceedingly tiresome but well worth it. We flew from Winnipeg to Chicago, then Narrita Japan and then Thailand where we had to board a smaller aircraft to get to Hanoi. This was our second flight to Asia the first was a much shorter flight time as we started in England.

Hanoi is an amazing city where people, motorcyclists, bicycles, cars and donkeys or ox all compete for space on the road. The only rule don't get killed. The people are very dexterous and business oriented. Running their own businesses mainly in their homes or on the streets. The rickshaw is a perfect way to see the city and most inexpensive. The people will barter so be prepared, you can always reduce the price of anything as there is always compitition to get your business but it is also nice to remember these people work hard and get very little.

Vietnam also has a class distinction which I did not expect. There were some people whom apparently we should not have spoken with!!! We did anyway. There were little thin old ladies carrying a yoke laden with fruit or other goods that you know must weigh a ton. Anyway one of these carriers was having trouble with getting the strings on each end to stay on the yoke at the same time. As she got one side on the other would come off and vice verse, so we thought ... give her a hand. She was very chuffed but looking around at those looking on they were not amused. Apparently she was one of those whom we should not have spoken to!!!!!!! To heck with that narrow minded thinking. Call me naive but in a country that has so many poor I did not think one poor would think themselves any better than another poor...but they do.

We had one huge advantage during our trip, John's son Darrel has lived in Hanoi for 5 years and has been in Asia for approximately 20 years. He has a lovely wife named Viet Anh and a beautifully smart 3 year old daughter Amy Anh who did her best to teach me some Vietnamese as she speaks two languages already.

They were so good taking us to so many sight I am sure many people would never see. They of course showed us the main attractions such as Ha Long Bay a beautiful area the Vietnamese are trying to have declared as one of the wonders of the world. This area has mountains jutting out of the water which they believe was a dragon and the mountains are the back of this dragon. They took us on a 'Junk' which is a wooden boat which looks much like a smaller version of a 1900 barge from the Napoleonic war but in good condition. It was just our group of 7 on this fairly large boat enjoying the awesome scenery. They served us a most delectable meal of an assortment of fresh fish, octopus and vegetables they even had french fries. They had a wide assortment of beer and other drinks. It was a meal set for a king. Yum Yum. They then took us into a cove where some of the brave swam in the sea and thoroughly enjoyed themselves including Amy Anh. After they were tired but refreshed we were taken to a cave lit up with colorful lights. There were some beautiful rock formation. We then headed back. Amazing just like the price. All this for under fifty dollars each.

Another place we visited was Hue and the Forbidden PurpleCity. The history and architecture is stunning. Hue is a beautiful city with very nice people. We stayed at the Imperial Hotel which is spectacular to say the least. Had dinner at a very private but luxurious restaurant with wonderful food (can't remember the name of it). We were able to go through much of the Forbidden City (very large) which was also under renovations - an ongoing job.

We were able to see three other wonderful sites in around Hue before we carried on to Hoi An another wonderful city where there main livelihood is clothing manufacturing. These are very talented people. My husband had a three piece suit made within 24 hours specific to his desires. I had a beautiful silk jacket made with embroidery again within 24 hours. This was just beautiful craftsmanship. There were many little restaurants one in particular was right on the river owned by a German Chef I think his name is Gustove. Made us a mouth watering most tender rack of lamb we ever had. We stayed at a beautiful resort within the city and minutes to the beaches. Wish we had stayed longer.


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